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Departure time:
The rental or activity starts at the booked time.  Alquiler de Barcos Elite SL insists its clients to arrive a the Elite office minimum half an hour before hand to do the check-in. If the client doesn’t arrive on time and we can’t leave on time because of this, then the client will lose this time without any refund. In the case that the client has booked a Jet Ski excursion, then the client will lose the excursion without any refund.

Boat licence:
When the client rents a boat without skipper (exception boats without licence) or a jet ski, the driver has to bring and show his licence at check-in and take it with him on the boat or jet ski.  (or minimum a digital copy). If the driver doesn’t bring his licence then you can’t go out by law. The client won’t receive any refund.
For boats without licence and jet ski excursions having a licence is not required.

Normal boat rentals (free itinerary, without or with skipper) and jet ski rentals exclude fuel.  We work with the system full-full.  Before departure the tank will be full (we will show you too) and a the end the client has to arrive at the Marina del Este fuel station where Alquiler de Barcos Elite SL will refill the boat or jet ski.  The client pays straight to the fuel station. (fuel payment only possible by card)
Fuel is included in the jet ski excursions.
Boat excursions (shared or private – fixed itinerary) also include fuel.

Security deposit:
To rent a boat without skipper (boat with and without licence) the client has to leave a security deposit at check-in by credit card (Mastercard or Visa) or in cash.  By credit card the amount will be reserved, not charged.  At the end of the rental, Alquiler de Barcos Elite SL will check the boat or jet ski if it has new damage or if it’s extraordinary dirty. Afterwards the sum of the security deposit will be released when everthing is okay. The client will receive a ticket as proof that the security deposit has been released.
Note credit card:  Alquiler de Barcos Elite SL releases the sum immediately, it depends of the client’s bank when it’s released to the client.
Security deposits:
Boats: Astilux 600 = 600€
Boats: Mingolla Brava 22 WA & Open= 700€
Boats: Astilux 900 = 800€
Boats: Protender 420 – Whaly 455 – Saver 520 = 350€
Jet Skis: 600€ per jet ski
Rental with skipper Alquiler de Barcos Elite SL: 0€
Exception rental with skipper: Aquila 32 Sport: 800€
Jet ski excursions: 0€

Jet Ski excursions:
The client has to follow the guide’s instructions.  If the client doesn’t obbey to the guide’s instructions, then the guide has the right to abort the excursion without any refund.
Capacity per jet ski: maximum 2 adults
Driver: minimum 16 years old.

Jet Ski rental:
All our jet skis have a GPS system.  The client can never pas the yellow buoys nor can he go to the beach. In the Maro Cerro Gordo Nature Park it’s not allowed to navigate at less than 1 mile from the coast. Alquiler de Barcos Elite SL has the right to retain the entire security deposite when these rules have been broken.

Use of donut or banana ride:
With the rental of the following boats the client can make use of a donut without any extra charge:  Astilux 600, Astilux 900, Mingolla Brava 22 WA, Mingolla Brava 22 Open. Alquiler de Barcos Elite SL recommends to reserve the donut with the booking. Availibility is limited.  First booking = first served. This is a service of Alquiler de Barcos Elite SL, not an obligation.
In the case of loss or destruction, the follow amount will be retained:
Donut 100€

Snorkel equipment:
Alquiler de Barcos Elite SL borrows snorkeling equipment to its clients (mask & tube).  In the case of loss or damage the following amount will be charged:
Mask: 20€
Tube: 7€

Payment options:
When the client makes a booking via, he will pay a deposit of 20% to 50% (depending on the boat or service) of the total amount by debit or credit card. The client will pay the remaining amount on the dia of the booking at check-in in cash, by debit or by credit card (Mastercard or Visa).

The client has the right to cancel his booking.  A refund of 100% will be made when Alquiler de Barcos Elite SL has been notified min. 14 days prior to the date of the booking. The client will have a 50% refund when the cancelations has been made between 14 & 10 days before the date of the booking.
In the case that a boat or jet ski can’t go out due to the weather conditions or due to technical problems, a new date will be chosen or a refund will be made of the total amount already paid by the client.  Important: Alquiler de Barcos Elite SL decides if it’s impossible to go out, not the client.

The client has the possibility to change the booking (boat, activity, date, hour …) up to 5 days before the date of the booking if the availibility allows the change.

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